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8GB Walkman Video MP3 Player NWZ-E438FRED

Цена: 139.99 руб.


Red, support for multiple audio and video formats, FM tuner, 2.0" LCD (measured diagonally)

В наличии:

Make a statement with the slim and fashionable NWZ-E438FRED 8GB video Walkman MP3 player. View pictures or watch your favorite videos in vivid detail on the 2.0" QVGA high-brightness, color LCD (measured diagonally). A long battery life give you up to 45 hours of continuous music and up to 8 hours of uninterrupted video while offering support of multiple audio codecs and video formats. You can even listen to your favorite FM programming thanks to a built-in FM tuner. Loading your music, pictures and video is a snap, simply drag and drop them into the video MP3 player on your computer. This MP3 player is available in red, pink and black. Long battery life Equipped with a long-lasting battery that enables you to listen to up to 45 hours of music and watch up to 8 hours of video without needing to recharge. Compact and slim design Makes carrying your video MP3 player wherever you go a breeze. 2" QVGA high-brightness screen (measured diagonally) Color LCD provides you with a rich viewing experience on your video MP3 player.

Active Style Headphones MDR-AS50G - 49.99 руб.

Neck-band headphones like these make it easy to add music to your workout without the fuss. The lightweight construction and unobtrusive form make them perfect for almost any activity.

S2 Sports Street Style Headphones MDR-G57G - 29.99 руб.
Tune into the latest style on the street with MDR-G57G Street Style stereo headphones. Featuring an exclusive behind-the-neck headband that won't interfere with your style. подробнее
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