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8GB Walkman Video MP3 Player NWZ-S738FBNC

Цена: 179.99 руб.

Black, integrated noise canceling technology, up to 40 hours of music and 10 hours of video, FM tuner, 2.0" LCD (measured diagonally)
В наличии:
Enjoy your multimedia entertainment from virtually anywhere with the NWZ-S738FBNC 8GB Walkman video MP3 player. Boasting an impressive battery life, you can listen up to 40 hours of your favorite music, podcasts and FM stations or watch up to 10 hours of video on a single charge. Enhance your listening experience with integrated noise cancellation and five clear audio technologies. Ideal for the gym, travel or daily commute, this MP3 player comes with noise canceling EX headphones which reduce ambient sound and deliver superior audio. Additionally, this Walkman comes with an innovative feature called SensMe, which uses beats-per-minute and an algorithm to analyze portions of your music and automatically create music channels.

Exceptional sound quality
With five clear audio technologies: The NWZ-S738FBNC houses five integrated clear audio technologies, allowing you to enjoy all of your music and videos with exceptional crisp sound.

Integrated noise canceling system
The NWZ-S738FBNC features integrated noise canceling technology that cancels up to 75 percent of ambient noise2. An in-box adaptor can also turn your Walkman player and EX headphones combination into noise canceling headphones for other devices. For example, simply connect the included adapter to your Walkman player and the AV system in an airplane via an audio jack, and you're ready to enjoy the benefit of noise canceling technology while watching an in-flight movie.

HA-SX500 - 79.99 руб.

The new JVC HA-SX500 achieves high quality sound with a large 16mm neodymium driver unit and new Bi-METAL structure. The lightweight headphones fit securely and comfortably with a cushioned metallic headband and 3 sizes of ergonomic earpieces.

Noise Canceling Headphones MDR-NC6 - 49.99 руб.
Settle down with MDR-NC6 noise canceling headphones that can reduce ambient sound by over 10dB at 300Hz. подробнее
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